Websites on Consensus Decision Making
& Group Facilitation

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National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation
A large network of facilitators and an active forum for discussion

A Pattern Language of Group Process
A collaborative exploration of what makes group conversations more fulfilling, inspiring, effective and whole.

Co-op Tools
A collection of simple techniques that help make co-operation a whole lot easier. Includes a meeting logistics checklist and tips for productive meetings.

Seeds for Change
Guides for Meeting Facilitation and Consensus Process

Community Toolbox
Lists and Tips for Meeting Facilitation

Tree Bressen’s Group Facilitation Site
Articles and Links on Group Facilitation and Consensus Process

A co-op providing facilitation, mediation and consensus building training to activists and communities in the .

Open Space Technology
A structure for conducting large meetings and gathering diverse input

Future Search
A large group retreat process used to bring people together for visioning and planning thier future projects.

World Cafe
A structure for hosting on-line conversations.

Appreciative Inquiry
An organizational self reflection process that focuses on strenghts & successes.

Dynamic Facilitation
An active facilitation technique seeking non linear shifts through increased group understanding.

Consensus Decision Making Blog
Tim Hartnett’s blog on Consensus