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Consensus Websites

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Websites on Consensus Decision Making
& Group Facilitation

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National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation
A large network of facilitators and an active forum for discussion

International Institute for Facilitation and Change (IIFAC)
This Institute hosts Bonfire: An archive of articles on facilitation in both Spanish and English.

Co-op Tools
A collection of simple techniques that help make co-operation a whole lot easier. Includes a meeting logistics checklist and tips for productive meetings.

Seeds for Change
Guides for Meeting Facilitation and Consensus Process

Community Toolbox
Lists and Tips for Meeting Facilitation

Meeting Processes/Consensus Decision Making
A written guide by Amanda Dorter

A Pattern Language of Group Process
A collaborative exploration of what makes group conversations more fulfilling, inspiring, effective and whole.

Tree Bressen's Group Facilitation Site
Articles and Links on Group Facilitation and Consensus Process

A co-op providing facilitation, mediation and consensus building training to activists and communities in the .

Word IQ Definitions
Definition of Consensus Decision making on

Open Space Technology
A structure for conducting large meetings and gathering diverse input

Future Search
A large group retreat process used to bring people together for visioning and planning thier future projects.

World Cafe
A structure for hosting on-line conversations.

Appreciative Inquiry
An organizational self reflection process that focuses on strenghts & successes.

Dynamic Facilitation
An active facilitation technique seeking non linear shifts through increased group understanding.

Consensus Decision Making Blog
Tim Hartnett's blog on Consensus