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9/23-9/25, 2011
The Art of Communitiy
Occidental, CA

A conference/gathering of people interested or engaged in living in intentional communities. This weekend will include workshops on consensus decision making and other community building activities. Sponsored by the Fellowship for Intentional Community, the folks who publish Communities Magazine.

4/12-4/15, 2011
International Association of Facilitators Annual Conference (North America
Denver, CO

Presenters include: Michael Wilkinson, Peggy Holman, Dale Hunter, John Epps, Tim Hartnett, and many more of the most high profile professional facilitators in North America. This conference is not cheap. But it is a great place to network with and learn from some of the leaders in the field. Contact IAF for details.

12/15-17, 2010
Open Space Learning Workshop
San Francisco, CA

Facilitated by Lisa Heft, President, Open Space Institute US.
Join me for 2.5 days of mutual exploration as we share learning in and about Open Space. Together you will discuss and create a theme for an Open Space meeting, explore issues and opportunities in your own work with groups, experience an Open Space, and really delve into all those elements of pre-work that are essential to the success of an Open Space event. Pricing - as always - is flexible - custom tailored to what you as an individual can contribute and afford. For more information on content, schedule and pricing overview and to register, contact me directly at

Spring 2011
Richmond, California:

The CORE Conference will bring together builders, leaders and change-agents from social, business and technology sectors to reveal and exchange best practices in the making of virtual and physical communities. Participants will experience the most effective solutions that foster collaboration, inspire innovation, mobilize collective intelligence and catalize movements.

Can’t We All Get Along? Consensus Building & Conflict Management in the Workplace
Upstate New York Special Libraries Association
Albany, NY

Sue Faerman, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education at SUNY Albany, will lead an interactive workshop on effective ways to manage conflict in organizations, and Pamela Strausser, Senior Human Resource Consultant in Organizational Development at Cornell University, will focus on consensus building.